KITAO Pro Package

Perhaps, the most amazing Japanese cosmetic series from Osaka-based maker Kitao.

Kitao Keshouhinbu Co., LTD. was founded in 1919, has a long successful history of designing and producing goods for Japanese cosmetics and makeup market.

Most of Kitao products are aimed to be used as professional cosmetics at home, but Kitao has also designed the best of their products (A.C. Natural and A.C. Natural White lines) to meet the criteria of beauty salons. The products for salon use have a large volume (200-500ml) and a simple minimalistic package.

This is a new type of lotion that increases the permeability of the skin care products (like essence and packs) and removes dead skin cells. It has a skin treatment fruit extract that makes skin smooth and healthy.

*Active ingredients suit the skin condition: roots of licorice and 2K glycyrrhizin acid. Many more herbal folk medicine extracts are used: Saxifrage saxifragaceae extract, Panax ginseng extract, so Lotion has an anti-inflammatory and cooling effects, skin restoring effect, it promotes blood circulation and stimulates skin metabolism.

The list of products available in salon-size form is the following:

"A.C. Natural Cleansing Oil" 500ml

"A.C. Natural Facial Foam" 250g

"A.C. Natural Skin Lotion N" 500ml

"A.C. Natural Skin Milk" 500ml

"A.C. Natural Emolient Cream" 250g

"A.C. Natural Gel Pack S" 20 times

"A.C. Natural Extra Essence" 200ml

"A.C. Natural Essence H" 60ml

"A.C. Natural Massage Oil" 500ml

"A.C. Natural Restrait Cream" 250g

"A.C. Natural White Gentle Mousse Face Wash" 400ml

"A.C. Natural White Peel Lotion" 500ml

"A.C. Natural White Whitening Lotion" 500ml

"A.C. Natural White Whitening Pair Serum" 500ml

Please feel free to inquire for price list.